Yacht Party Guide: Food Safety

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Here at Party Action People, we believe that food quality can define an experience. Your menu can make or break your yacht party. Few yachts in Singapore provide in-house catering at a reasonable price. To avoid overpaying for low-quality food, many choose to cater their yacht parties themselves. While this is a high value for money option, food safety and hygiene are an absolute must.  

As event planners, food safety and hygiene are our bread & butter. In this blog post, we will share some important things to consider when catering your own yacht party. 

First and foremost – you need to know your options. Food on board is either self-catered, professionally catered or provided in-house. Cooking on board the yacht is pretty limited, as barbecuing your food is the most common option – only a few yachts come with fully equipped kitchens. Even then, with the COVID-19 restrictions currently in place (at the time of writing), only the captain is allowed to barbecue food on board.


As the most cost efficient option, many people opt to self-cater. The most common self-catering option is to bring raw meat for the barbecue, pot-luck, or a combination of both.  When self-catering, you need to ensure that food is transported safely from home to boat. A fundamental rule of party planning applies: Always Keep Cold Food Cold & Keep Hot Food Hot.

We suggest using more than one large cooler, allowing you to organise your food. It is an absolute must to separate cooked food from raw food. It is also useful to separate hot food from cold drinks. Place cold food in a cooler with ice, or in an airtight container with frozen gel packets.  Be sure to keep raw meat, poultry, and seafood securely wrapped with cling wrap before packing. Most yachts provide refrigerator space for storage, so be sure to check with your yacht provider if this is something they can accommodate. 

As for hot food, they should be wrapped with aluminium foil and placed in an insulated container. This is to ensure that the food is kept warm as long as possible. Hopefully at your yacht party, the sun is out. Your buns, however, should not be. We recommend that you do not leave cooked food out in the open for extended periods. Keep food covered and secured before it’s time to serve. While not all boats might be able to accommodate bunsen burners or professional buffet setups, many can – just check with your yacht provider. 

Professionally Catered

Most people, we assume, don’t want the hassle of preparing all the food for their yacht party. Many would much rather enjoy food and desserts from their favourite restaurant while enjoying the open water. Professionally catering food is easy, as it only involves choosing and receiving the food. Either by having it sent to your home, sent to the marina, or picking it up yourself.

When it comes to this, planning is key and time is of the essence. Having the food sent to you is advantageous, because it  ensures that the food is physically on-hand before the party. However, it does mean you are essentially transporting it yourself, which sort of defeats the purpose of delivery. 

Having it sent to the marina is more ideal, if you don’t mind the delivery costs. Deliveries might be subject to extra charges for delivery to Sentosa. This is due to their restriction of motorcycle riders, so restaurants would have to arrange for external services to enter Sentosa by car or van. However, this also means that you have to already be at the marina to physically receive the food. If the food arrives late and your yacht has already embarked, there is no way you will be able to bring it on board. This may be difficult to coordinate, but check with your yacht providers if they can help you with receiving the food. 

A shortcut around the hassle of pick-up logistics is self-collecting food from your restaurant(s?) of choice. Order in advance and call them on the morning of, to remind them you are coming at whatever time you have agreed on. We recommend timing this wisely, collecting your food with ample time before your yacht charter is set to embark. This will allow you the peace of mind of having the food prepared and ready for consumption, saving you unnecessary delivery fees and most importantly, reduces the amount of stress involved in your journey to the marina.

In-House Catering

There are yacht providers that have in-house menus. These are often provided by third-party partners. This is the more pricey option, with prices for simple BBQs reaching $50/ pax. While hassle-free, the prices of these packages can be extortionate. Many people will realise some heavy lifting is worth having 2x the amount of food and drinks.

There can be different menus offered, and each individual menu might seem unnecessarily restrictive. So if you have identified items you would want from 2 different menus, do not panic and abandon ship immediately. If this happens to be the case, we suggest that you communicate this to your yacht providers to curate your menu of choice. Your yacht providers are supposed to help YOU make your plans a reality.

In Summary

Safely planning and transporting your food is easy – with the proper planning and allocation of work between you and your friends.. 

As a yacht party planner, we have trained food safety experts handling all the food for our yacht parties. Let us handle the logistics for you. Sourced from our trusted caterers, we have curated interchangeable food and beverage packages that will spoil you for choice. It is our job to ensure that your food is kept hot, drinks are kept chilled and that you are kept dancing. As we always say, all you have to do is show up – hassle free, and with your party hats on.