How to Get the Best Deal on a Yacht Party in Singapore

Why do some people take negotiating with tuk-tuk drivers so seriously that they risk letting $2 ruin their holiday? Because no one wants to pay more than they should have. In our previous blog post, we shared tips on how to plan the yacht party of your dreams. In this edition of our yacht party guide, we explore how to get the best deal when chartering a yacht in Singapore.

Most yacht charter options are presented as hourly rates with  add-ons, such as bbq pit rental, cooking services or watersports. But, the deals you find online can vary wildly, depending on whose website you happen to be looking at. In general, you can book yachts directly from owners, or from 3rd party brokers.  

Owners and Brokers

To identify a yacht owner, look out for pages advertising one boat, or very few. To our knowledge, there is no yacht owner in Singapore advertising a fleet of more than 3 yachts. Speaking to a yacht owner directly can be beneficial, as they have complete control over their yachts. If, for example, you wanted to organise a 3 day yacht party between Singapore and Tioman, a yacht owner would be able to give you the least padded pricing. Because, a broker would always need to make their margin. 

Dealing with third-party brokers, however, comes with many perks. For most people, availability, budget and add-ons are the most important considerations. It’s less important which yacht they get, as long as it meets their requirements, is available on the day they want it, and within their budget. In this situation, brokers can help anyone quickly get the yacht that suits their needs. Brokers typically showcase a wide selection of yachts on their websites. 

Add-ons and Pricing

These brokers get their prices from yacht owners directly too, pricing it accordingly from there. While they are constantly in a battle to remain competitive, the prices do however differ from one broker to another. We thus recommend that you approach a few different companies with your specific requirements in mind, to see who can give you the most bang for your buck.

Some brokers will charge $150 for barbecue pit rental while providing free watersports. Another might offer a free barbecue pit and cooking service but charge $200 for two kayaks and a paddleboard. Most yachts are sold as a standard 4h package. Different providers charge different amounts for additional hours on board. This is an important consideration for anyone who – like us – thinks four hours is hardly long enough to get down and dirty. (Shameless plug: Our Champagne Waves Package starts at 6hours long).

Other Things to Consider when Booking your Yacht 

Due to the constantly changing pandemic situation, it is unfortunately very important to be clear on cancellation, rescheduling and refund policies – before making your booking. Most yachts require payment to secure a booking, so make sure to read terms and conditions before parting with any money. 

You can arrange custom itineraries. Instead of just sailing from One Degree 15 to St John’s Island (15 minutes away), some captains can take you on longer cruises to the Hantu Islands or on a tour of the city skyline – which is breathtaking at night. Depending on your yacht provider, there can be charges for special itineraries. So, when booking your boat, make sure you know what the specifics of your itinerary are. We definitely recommend getting as much cruising time as possible. Let’s be real, we don’t book yacht parties to spend most of the time docked at some island. 

In Summary

With lots of exquisite yachts to choose from, Singapore is specially suited for private yacht parties. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a classy corporate soiree or an absolutely banging birthday-at-sea – there is a boat that’s perfect for you. To make sure you get a good deal, do your due diligence, understand the provider you are dealing with and never be shy to express your needs.

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