Event Planner’s Guide to Yacht Party Water Sports

Singapore Yacht Party Water Sports

Water sports have become a major attraction of typical yacht charters. After cruising to a neighbouring island and anchoring, water sports, barbecue and shenanigans commence. The most commonly available equipment for watersports include stand-up paddle boards, kayaks and giant floating mats. 

Outside of the above mentioned standard water sports, there are also add-ons and inflatables that are not included in standard yacht charter prices. These may not be commonly known to potential party-goers. In this edition of our Yacht Party Guide, we explore the various water sports options that await you. 

Standard Water Sports

Kayaks and paddle boards are suitable for people of all ages. Floating mats, our company favourite, are very relaxing – we especially loved lounging on them with a cold drink in hand, watching the setting sun spray colour across the unblocked horizon. 


Ah the ever necessary photo of an influencer on a giant unicorn float, we’ve all seen it on instagram – but we can’t really justify purchasing one for ourselves. Fortunately, you can rent one for your yacht charter. A few different yachts in Singapore offer giant unicorn or flamingo floats as add-ons. 

Giant Water Slide. Like the name suggests, this giant slide is inflated and attached to the roof of a boat. Sliding off the roof into the ocean is  a favourite among adults and children alike. This is not a common add-on, however, only a few boats in Singapore offer it. 

Jet Skis

Jet skis are everyone’s first thought when it comes to watersports. Jet ski rental in Singapore doesn’t come cheap, however. Additionally, due to Maritime and Port Authorities (MPA) regulations, you are not even allowed to drive a jet ski without a license. 

This doesn’t mean you just have to ride as a pillion, though! Many jetskis in Singapore come with towables, like banana boats or rubber floats. As the jetski flies across the waves, you’ll be flying along with it, in a thrilling version of wakeboarding-made-easy.  

Brand New Water Experiences

Water bicycles, sea scooters and powered body boards. These modern ways of riding through or on water are super cool, and we didn’t even know they existed until we started working with yachts in Singapore.  

RHIB <possible partnership/backlink: we need to enquire>. Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boats (RHIB) are commonly used in clandestine military operations, due to their ability to tackle choppy waters at high speeds. With the recent introduction of RHIBs-for-rent in Singapore, we can arrange for a RHIB boat to pick you up from your yacht party and take you flying around St John’s Island in a vessel fit for the most elite soldiers. .   


Banana boats are available on some yachts, and your yacht providers should make this known to you. The cost for banana boat rental differs from one yacht to another, usually packaged together with jet ski rental. Prices for these can be really high – 2 hours of Jet ski rental in Singapore could get you a return trip to Phuket and a full day of Jet Skiing. 

Snorkelling gear is provided upon request, though this is not a common occurrence. If this interests you, check with your yacht providers that this can be arranged. The cost of renting snorkelling gear is negligible, alternatively you can always bring your own.

Fishing equipment is available for rent. Fishing rods and bait are available for some boats, to complement their overnight fishing charters. This may save you the hassle of logistics, but we do encourage fishing enthusiasts to bring their own personal fishing equipment. 

An interesting add-on for one the yachts actually allows you a sort of crash course into how to sail the yacht. For a top up of $400, the crew will guide you and teach you the basics of how to sail the yacht. This is a great exercise for team-building,and well suited for corporate teams.


Water sports can be tailored to suit your party needs. It can be adrenaline pumping and exhilarating, or calm and relaxing. We recommend that you consider this when planning your yacht party itinerary. Talk to your yacht providers, find out the extent of what is provided, what add-ons are available and what else they have to offer. 

For those of you who have an idea of what water sports you want, but do not have the time to go through the hassle of research and due diligence, you’re in luck. Our Champagne Waves Package provides standard water sport equipment, with the options of add-ons from our exclusive yacht partner – we will ensure you get the best value for your money.