About us

Party Action People was founded by four friends in June 2019. Between us, we have experience in designing, planning, and executing events of different sizes – from underground music parties to huge events for global brands. 

With Party Action People, the luxury experience is not reserved for the biggest spenders. Regardless of the size of your event, every aspect of the guest experience will be curated to the highest standards. 

Meet the team

Zachary John,


Zach spent most of his university years at psytrance festivals or parties – where creatively crafted landscapes and futuristic soundscapes blend to form trans-dimensional mindscapes. While this was certainly detrimental to his grades, it opened his eyes to the extent to which high quality production can transform the user experience. 

Zach started Party Action People with the hope of bringing a slice of the vibrant and eclectic world of music festivals to the Singaporean party scene. While there might be less room in the corporate world for UV mandalas, there’s always space for attention to detail and maybe – just maybe… lasers. 

Conference Director, Party Action People

Parveena Basheer,

Conference Director

Parveena has been working in events since she graduated from university. She has experience working in corporate events, serving clients like DHL and DBS with everything from luxury product launches to street parties. Par finds serenity in the organised chaos of coordinating entire spreadsheets’ worth of different suppliers, entertainers and service staff – as months of planning and production come to life on the big day.

Par started Party Action People in order to express herself through mesmerising events. With high-quality production and in-depth programs delivered by speakers who are experts in their field, Par creates warm knowledge-sharing environments for every conference that she’s a part of.

Event Director, Party Action People

Nicholas Cher,

Event Director

Nick’s career in events began almost a decade ago. He has worked with some of the biggest names in corporate events, playing his part in events like the Singapore Grand Prix, Singapore Cocktail Fest and Culture Cartel. Working on such huge events at such an early stage of his career allowed Nick to discover the world of high-end production for events at the largest scale possible. Comfortable in front of clients and suppliers, Nick is the man who makes sure clients’ imaginations become reality.

Nick started Party Action People so that he could bring his brand of production to the events he does. His brand is focused around delivering quality products that surpass expectations – instead of cutting corners in the name of efficiency or slightly higher margins. As our Event Director, Nick is the guy who makes everything happen. And we mean everything.

Blockchain Event Director, Party Action People

Nicholas Tan,

Blockchain Research Director

Since securing his degree in economics, Nat has worked for major banks and fintech startups. The most cryptocurrency-obsessed member of Party Action People,  Nat spends most of his free time staring at charts – and occasionally aping into pumps. By combining his education, work experience and passion for blockchain technology, Nat leads the research and development of all our blockchain events. 

Nat joined Party Action People in order to curate conferences, summits and events in the final frontier of financial exploration. By making sense of the mostly-confusing world of smart contracts and decentralised transactions, Nat enables us to do our small part for the growth of blockchain technology around the world.