24 Essentials To Bring on Your Yacht Party

What to bring for yacht party in Singapore

We all miss packing our suitcases and making our way to the airport, filled with excitement for the adventure that awaits us. While the pandemic has left us almost completely islandbound, you can still hop on a yacht party while ignoring all your baggage. Like packing your essentials for your next holiday destination – this edition of our yacht party series guide lists 24 Party Planner tips on what to bring on your yacht party.


  1. Though an obvious point it may be, many people still frequently overlook bringing an extra change of clothes. All standard yacht charters involve time allocated to dock for you to enjoy watersports, swim freely in open waters, and lounge on water mats as the sun sets over the horizon. Bringing your swimwear and a change of clothes is advisable. 
  1. We also suggest bringing your own bath towels to shower on board, if facilities are available. 
  1. Take note of your chartered time. We love yacht parties that rage in the heat of the afternoon sun, and cruise past the city skyline under the moonlit sky. Loose, comfortable clothing throughout the day is ideal. While popping on a slightly thicker hooded pullover will keep you warm and toasty.
  1. In past yacht parties, we provided some party-goers with bathrobes, as we find it gets quite chilly when freshly stepping out of the water.


  1. Shoes are strictly not allowed on board, so be sure to have a pair of comfortable slippers with you. Soft, cotton indoor slippers are ideal as the bare metallic surfaces of the yacht can get quite hot, making it difficult to walk on at times.
  1. We suggest bedroom slippers – as they are slip-on, covered and most importantly, soft. A 10-pack of such slippers can be as cheap as $15.73 on shopee. Just double check with your yacht providers that this is allowed.


  1. Sipping from a glass of champagne while cruising the open waters is truly amazing, but imagine if you spent half that time dealing with your face full of hair. Scrunchies will solve this problem and
  1. Hats serve as a great alternative that provides some shade too.
  1. Sunglasses. Protect my eyes while looking cool? Check, and check. 

Personal Toiletries

  1. Yachts with shower facilities may provide basic soap and shampoo. If you have a personal preference, you should pack your own. Small clear plastic bottles serve this purpose well, and can be purchased at your local pharmacy.
  1. For longer chartered yacht parties, or 3-day long trips to Tioman, do not forget to bring your toothbrushes.

Skincare products

  1. Extended periods in the sun will lead to nasty sunburns, and may hinder you from enjoying your party to the fullest. The general rule of thumb is that the  lighter your skin tone is, the higher the SPF required.  4 to 6 hours in the sun would generally require sunblock with an SPF value of 50-100, to be reapplied every 2 hours to ensure adequate protection.
  1. SPF lip balm is also helpful, if you have it, applying it occasionally will prevent it from painfully cracking.  
  1. If you are unfortunately sunburnt, aloe vera gels will help soothe the burns. To optimise the space, we suggest packing these together with your personal toiletry items.

Beauty Care Products

  1. Moisturizer is essential. Without an eye shadow of doubt, long exposure to the sun and sea may cause some problems with sensitive skin and hair. Sun and salt may be dehydrating to your skin, so you should immediately moisturise after washing the salt of your body.
  1. Applying a pre-conditioning spray to your hair will help keep your hair tangle free and provide protection from the elements.
  1. While applying a deep conditioner post swim will help prevent your hair from drying out. We suggest keeping these personal items separate from the rest, in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Leaving them in your bag in one of the yacht’s cabins would suffice.

Personal Medication

  1. Out at sea, you are exactly one yacht trip away from the nearest pharmacy. All yachts do come with a first aid kit, however it is limited to dealing with common situations such as small cuts or headaches. It does not take into account your personal drug allergies or needs. These kits do not come with an inhaler or insulin pump, for example. We recommend safely storing your personal medication in a ziplock bag, kept within your reach, or easily accessible, at all times.

Sanitary Products

  1. No elaboration needed.

Useful Hacks

  1. If you didn’t take a picture of it, did it really happen? We all love to share these moments and updates with our loved ones. Just like when at a party, we never want to have our phones die on us. Charging plugs might be available on board for you to plug your phone chargers in. Check with your yacht providers that you can access these. 
  1. Alternatively, portable chargers serve as a more mobile option.
  1. The sun has set and the anchor is being reeled in, it’s time for some solid cruising before heading back to the marina. The best view for this, is on the front of the yacht, a.k.a the Bow. Not all yachts have a good enough sound system that can be heard from the bow, and some yachts may not allow music after a designated time. In this situation, having portable speakers would be handy. 
  1. It’s not about the size of the boat, it’s about the motion of the ocean! The sometimes choppy waters do throw your centre of gravity off, and this may be a foreign experience for you. Our party planner tip is to get hold of a gimbal. With its ability to stabilise and maintain frames throughout recording, the outcome is often better quality photos. Let’s be honest, if you didn’t take a photo, did it really happen?

Simple Decoration Hacks

  1. Decor is a tricky one. So much so we’ve dedicated a blogpost to it. We do not recommend bringing boat loads of decorations, as it may be troublesome to transport, set up and tear down. A simple trick we’ve learnt is that bringing your own tablecloths can spruce up your party by adding a splash of colour.

In Conclusion

Planning a yacht party isn’t difficult, it’s just a matter of arranging a whole bunch of little things that make the event perfect for all guests. If this sounds like too much hassle – you’re in luck. Party Action People is Singapore’s first events company to specialise in yacht parties. We have done months of research – so you don’t have to. Just get in touch with us, tell us about the yacht party of our dreams, and we will make it happen. Between our veteran yacht partner, critically-acclaimed sommelier and selection of gourmet caterers, yacht parties with us are guaranteed to surpass even the most gruelling expectations. What’s more, we make sure you get the best deal possible.