11 Party Planner Tips for Planning a Yacht Party in Singapore

Yacht Party Planner Singapore

We don’t mean to be overly dramatic, but the past 18 months have been a period of unprecedented hardship for Singapore’s party people. Nightclubs, karaoke spots, and bars that don’t serve food (good bars) have been closed, and it can feel like there’s no end in sight. Don’t be downtrodden a second longer, Party Action People have you sorted.

Yacht parties don’t serve as a direct replacement for nightclubs. But, they offer a unique opportunity for a quick-and-easy weekend getaway with your friends or family. Take advantage of the dozens of beautiful boats in Singapore’s marinas – make your next party a yacht party. Turn your next soiree into a soiree-at-sea.

Party Action People is the first events agency in SIngapore to specialise in throwing yacht parties. We have spent hundreds of hours researching the yacht party scene, so you don’t have to. As the first post in our Yacht Party series, we will take you through our top tips for planning the yacht party of your dreams. 

  1. Choose the right yacht.
    This might seem obvious, but there’s many factors to consider. Price, availability and possible add-ons are just the tip of the iceberg. If your party is going to be a relaxed affair, with cold champagne paired with tapas and sun tanning, you need to ensure there’s enough lounging space for all of your guests. If your party is going to be an intense session of dancing and loud music, make sure the boat you choose has a large, flat, area that can be easily turned into a dancefloor – and a real, built-in sound system.

    Different yachts have different rules. We always recommend making sure you are fully aware of all the owner’s rules before booking a party. Some boats don’t allow balloons, some only allow them indoors. Some don’t allow shoes, some don’t play loud music. Find out before chartering, do not assume every yacht is suitable for any kind of party.

  2. Nail your Itinerary.
    Most yacht charters in Singapore are sold in four hour blocks. These charters can be customised, with varying rates for additional hours. It is crucial, however, that you nail the itinerary before you book a yacht. It would be a travesty if you paid hundreds of dollars to extend your party for a few hours, just for those few hours to be spent anchored at St John’s Island. Which island you go to is also up to the yacht provider and captain – so be sure to ask about the different options available.

    We believe four hours is a bit short for a yacht party, so all of our packages start at six hours. We also recommend negotiating for more cruising time or trips to islands further out. We charter yachts to be out at sea – not to spend most of the party stationary.

  3. Water Sports/Entertainment
    A major attraction on many yachts in Singapore is the watersports. Ranging from the basic kayaks and paddleboards to the extreme thrills of banana boats and jetskis, different yachts offer different watersports  at different prices. BE AWARE that due to MPA rules, unlicensed people are not allowed to ride jet skis in our waters. This means the (sometimes extortionate) hourly charges are for riding on the back of a jetski operated by someone else. Party Action People recommends spending the $500 on more champagne. Or, at the very least, an activity you can participate in yourself.

  4. Serve Hot Food Hot
    This has been a fact since the first parties took place in ancient times – a party is only as good as its food. And nothing serves for a lukewarm atmosphere more than serving lukewarm food. Many yachts in Singapore offer barbecue pits and cooking service. This is a sure-fire way to make sure food is served hot – but it’s definitely not your only option. Caterers and restaurants can supply your yacht party, as long as the boat you choose has a working kitchen and the right staff on board.

    We recommend the on-board BBQ to all our clients. It’s just a really great way to enjoy a yacht. Also, most crew members are BBQ pros, due to the large proportion of people who end up going for this option. For those with much longer parties that involve serving lunch and dinner, meanwhile, we like to serve tapas or canapes as a light lunch that complements the steady stream of ice-cold bubbly.

  5. Serve Cold Drinks Cold
    This is party planning 101 – Champagne needs to hit the ice at least an hour before it’s popped. On a 4 hour charter, however, you would only be left with 3 hours to actually drink the champagne. It is crucial to chill drinks before the party. And, for Heaven’s sake, don’t drive your ice box full of champagne to the party. While driving is undoubtedly the most convenient way to transport an icebox, it means you have to drive home from Sentosa after the party.

  6. Transport: Because no one deserves to be the designated driver.
    Like most activities led by a captain, yacht charters follow strict schedules. This means it’s easy to arrange for drop-offs and pickups. Many boats are docked at One Degree 15 on Sentosa – don’t get caught in the post-Zoukout-taxi-struggle – with an icebox and 2 trays of leftovers. We recommend arranging transport to and from the marina on the day of your event. Did somebody say party bus?

  7. Decorations-at-Sea
    In order for a party to feel right, it has to look right. But, as you can imagine, decorating parties over sea can be quite complex. The most important things to consider are rules, safety and respect for the ocean. MPA does not allow balloons on the ‘outside’ of a yacht – because irresponsible people in the past allowed their balloons to end up littering the ocean. Some boats are not suitable for indoor balloons, due to visibility issues for the captain. Make sure you know the specific rules for the boat you’re chartering, and plan your decorations accordingly.

    We recommend keeping decorations to a minimum. Most yachts are beautiful already, and few common land-based decorations survive the sometimes-rocky conditions at sea. There’s also limited time for you to put decorations up, unless you’re willing to charter extra hours just to decorate. Fairy lights, coiled carefully along the outer rim of a boat, make for an exceptionally pretty nighttime ride back to harbour.
  8. Music / Karaoke
    As a company full of music lovers, this is probably the most important consideration for us. It is impossible to understate how important it is to make sure the boat you choose has a real soundsystem, and not just a JBL boombox. With all due respect to JBL, it’s hardly going to be good enough to create a banging dance floor – while competing with the wind and other ocean sounds.  Many yachts come with high-quality, built-in sound systems. Also make sure that the area of the yacht that is equipped with the sound system is large enough to hold the entire party. There’s just no point in having a state-of-the-art sound system installed in a part of the boat that none of your guests spend any time in.

  9. What Guests Need to Bring
    You’d be surprised how many people show up to yacht parties without changes of clothes, towels or swimming trunks. While skinny-dipping or diving headfirst into the ocean fully clothed are both right up our alley, most sensible people should prepare like they’re going for a swim. On top of that, seasickness pills and feminine preparedness kits are an absolute must – to ensure everyone can live their yacht party experience to the fullest, regardless of any biological happenstance. For longer excursions to sea, toothbrushes and other toiletries are highly recommended – you filthy animals. 
  1. Weather/Cancellations/Refunds/Reschedules
    This is important. In the words of our ever-blunt, but always truthful, yacht partner: “This is a rain or shine event. Charters only will not proceed if the captain says it is unsafe, which in my >10 years of experience, has never happened.”.

    On top of weather, it’s important to consider the ever-changing COVID-19 regulations. Some of our yacht parties were forced to move because regulations changed limits on the number of guests allowed, and this led to stress and tense situations. Be clear of the cancellation, refund and reschedule policies before spending any money.

  2. Rules & Regulations
    Remember, these are not boats-for-parties. Each boat is someone’s home at sea – and should be treated as such. While every yacht’s owner wants you to have as good a time as possible, please respect their beautiful boat. Follow the rules as told to you before your event, follow the instructions of the captain or crew. Remember that at sea, the captain is the boss.

    This is worth mentioning again. RESPECT THE OCEAN. PLEASE.

These 11 tips are the most important things we’ve learned to consider when planning our clients’ yacht parties. As Singapore’s first event agency to specialise in yacht parties, we have yacht parties all figured out. Between our industry-veteran yacht partner, award-winning sommelier and gourmet catering and barbecue options, we are confident that yacht parties with us are the most fuss-free way to enjoy Singapore’s vibrant yacht scene. 

Our Champagne Waves package was designed with all 11 tips in mind. Enjoy 6 hours at sea, with extended cruising time, gourmet BBQ and lots and lots of good champagne. Remember, we can always do a completely bespoke yacht party, specially customised to your needs. Just tell us about the yacht party of your dreams, and we will make it happen.